Why does my acne treatment program produce amazing results?

I have studied under Dr. James E. Fulton, Jr., MD, PhD, a Dermatologist and world-renowned acne expert and Laura Cooksey, of Face Reality Acne Clinic, whose successful acne treatment program I base my work on. Often my clients come to me with prescriptions for acne medications and antibiotics that aren't working. Many have bagfuls of professional products and have spent hundreds - even thousands of dollars on professional skin care. They all have one thing in common: They still have acne!

In just one appointment they see the difference in what I have to offer and you will too... No matter what you have tried, I am confident I can get you clear!

How can you get started?

Schedule a consultation: First and foremost, I am a teacher. You will notice the difference in my approach from your first appointment. I will analyze your skin and test your skin's sensitivity. I talk to you about your specific type of acne and give you a timeline for how long I believe it will take to get clear and what products I would recommend. I promise you will learn facts about acne you have never heard before - and they make sense! You'll leave this appointment feeling informed and educated and a "partner" in your skin's ability to get clear.

Schedule Acne Treatments: Ideally you'll have six to eight treatments over a 4 month period to get you mostly to completely clear. After your acne is under control, you have to maintain your home-care regimen to keep your acne managed. Most clients find it helpful to continue to come in for treatments just to keep their skin as healthy as possible. Clients who do regular treatments have the fastest and best results.

A one-size-fits-all solution or regimen is not enough. An ongoing relationship with an expert who knows your skin and how to monitor your home-care is the best way to get clear - and stay clear!

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February, 2008
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June, 2008

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"Trisha is a pleasure to work with. She has provided my daughter with the knowledge and treatment to take control of her acne. We are so pleased with the results!" - Debbie Z.

Finally achieve clear skin - and keep it that way!

Start Today with Tips for Clearer Skin:

- Begin icing inflamed acne for 2 minutes twice a day.

- Eliminate all fabric softener and dryer sheets from your laundry.

- Keep dietary iodine to a minimum. Think, iodized salt (snack foods, fast foods and table salt), sports drinks and dairy.

- Eliminate peanut butter and peanut oil. (Other nuts are ok - make sure they're not roasted in peanut oil!)

- Get lots of sleep and reduce your stress levels. Learn to do breathing exercises to relax your body when stressed.

- Keep caffeine and sugar intake to the bare minimum. There is new research linking high glycemic diets to acne.