Clear & Healthy Skin Is Yours!
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Natalie D.

It's wonderful to finally have clear skin!

Wendi M.

I wouldn't trust my girl's skin to anyone else. Trisha is all about results!

Tony B.

Staying on Trisha's regimen, our son is 99% free of his acne. He has never been this clear before!

Dana C.

I didn't have to wear makeup this entire summer!

Kristy R.

My daughter started with deep acne on her forehead, nose and chin. Trisha helped her with a skin program that she told us which might take a while, but would be safe and gentle on her skin. My daughter then stuck with the program and after about 4 months, she was completely clear! It was tough sometimes because my daughter wanted immediate results, but this is so much better! She learned a new skill she will use for the rest of her life and now she knows how to take charge of her own skin! I wish Trisha was around when I was a teen! Now, my daughter has been clear for 5 months. She even kept clear while playing water polo this fall. I've heard that getting and keeping clear can be a challenge for kids who are in the pools a lot, but she stayed clear all this season. Thanks Trisha!!!!

Sonja A.

Trisha is my "miracle worker". She not only saved my face but also my inner confidence as well. Although I have a great guy (now my husband) who doesn't care about my acne (I met him in the "before" stage), I was so happy to find Trisha and her acne practice before our wedding day. Now, I can cherish the pictures instead of cringing — I didn't even like to be in pictures before.

Trisha is a great listener and support system. It wasn't hard to make the necessary changes to my lifestyle and diet in order to achieve my clear face. Her products and methods are AWESOME and made me understand my acne and how to take care of it. The facials are super important and she worked with me on the money's end because I was very faithful. She understands and believes in you for your needs.

My most important piece of advice is follow her guidance, really listen but don't stress — it will only make your acne worse. Eventually, you will get to know your own skin and what it needs. You become your own Acne Specialist with Trisha Tortolani's Acne Program! Also, do the routine EVERY DAY AND NIGHT! Consistency will bring a constant clear face! It took me over 6 months to finally clear up (I'm a grade 2 acne — that's really stubborn) but it works forever!

Haley M.

For about ten years, my acne had been ruining my life with horrible antibiotics and unhelpful dermatologists also had made everything worse. Nothing worked and I wasted so much money on products that were actually causing more breakouts. I was at my wit's end when I went to Trisha and was willing to try anything. I've been on her regimen for a couple of years now and my skin has never been this clear. For the first time in my life, I actually look better when I take off the makeup. Trisha isn't just an esthetician — she guides you in becoming aware of all the factors that can exacerbate acne: diet, stress management, products and ingredients, sleep, etc. I've become so much more aware of what I put on my face and in my body and essentially, how I treat my body both physically and mentally. Thanks to her guidance and support, I feel like I'm an expert about my own skin and can create my own customized routine by knowing that I can trust what I'm using and doing. She also treats you as if you were her only client. She never rushes and she remembers things that you've used or are currently using. I wish I've lived closer, so I could've been visiting her often. Thanks Trisha!

Casey M.

I had battled acne for 14 years and can count on one hand the number of times that I felt comfortable leaving the house without makeup and tried to cover the blemishes on my face and neck. I tried multiple dermatologists and dozens of antibiotics, creams and over-the-counter products that provided little or temporary results. When a friend suggested I call Trisha in mid-December, I was skeptical but willing to give her a shot. Trisha listened patiently to the history of my stuggle with acne and developed a personalized plan for me to follow, and was confident that she could find a way to help with my skin. In a few months, Trisha has transformed my skin and exceeded all of my expectations through her dedicated services. Now, if I choose to wear makeup, it is an accessory, not a necessity.

Janet J.

As a hairstylist, I've had many facials by many different estheticians but Trisha is the one who talks clinically about my skin. It really motivates me to take care and protect my skin! Trisha is knowledgable with product ingredients. She's the first esthetician who gave me more than just a relaxing facial!

Brisa T.

Before going to Trisha, I had struggled with having facial acne for years. I had used more than ten different "acne treating" products but nothing had worked. I was so embarrassed by my acne. I didn't have much self-confidence. I'd avoid face-to-face encounters as I didn't want people seeing my face filled with acne. Trisha gave me a customized acne healing plan to control my acne that worked with my sensitive skin. Every single product from Trisha is personally suited for my skin. Within a couple of months of using these products and having some treatments, I noticed much reduced redness and a less oily complexion. Now, my skin is way healthier and clearer enough to look and feel great without any makeup!!

Massimo L.

It's hard to put into words for exactly how grateful I am to Trisha Tortolani! I've been struggling with my acne since my freshman year in high school. I could write a book about the products I've tried without success! Both topical and oral but nothing worked! My mom happened to see a post on Facebook from Trisha Tortolani and suggested I should give her program a try. Trisha's program includes products with a regimen and education on the causes of skin conditions. She doesn't just treat the symptoms but she drills down to the cause. After committing to a regimen, I saw results within two weeks. It's only been less than 6 months and I'm no longer struggling with embarrassing breakouts. I graduated from high school and am currently attending Chapman University in Southern California. I had some concern about my changes in routine and diet but thankfully under the long distance guidance from Trisha, my skin is able to continue to get better! Thank you Trisha, you really worked like a miracle!!!